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Keys to Writing an Excellent Resume

The first step in finding a new job is to create your resume. Plan to spend some time on this important task. Your resume is the only clue you give to a hiring manager about your qualifications, education and skills. Make sure you don’t have any grammatical errors in your resume. You would be surprised at how many people create a resume in a few minutes and expect to get a job. This step is one of the basic yet most important steps in finding your job. Once you have created a good resume, you won’t Read the rest of this entry »

Time-Saving Job Search Tips for Ohio Job-Seekers

Job hunting in Ohio can be a full time job all by itself. Fortunately, there are some tips you can use to cut down on wasted time while job hunting. These tips will help you get noticed when you apply and weed out places that aren’t a good fit for you.

1. Use job search assistance programs. You can often find free career counseling and job search resources at your local library, the Ohio Department of Labor offices, and college career offices. Go to Read the rest of this entry »

Finding a Career, Not a Job

The terms “job” and “career” are often using interchangeably, but it is important to note that they are not the same thing. A job is defined as regular or occasional work. A career is defined as an occupation that is undertaken for a long period of time. People have the opportunity to advance in a career. That is why you should be trying to find a career instead of a job.

What are my skills? What are my goals? Read the rest of this entry »

How to Find a New Job Quickly

For many people, being unemployed is not an option. Finding a new job in this economy can be difficult, but the following tips can help you regain employment quickly.

Use every outlet possible to search for jobs. Check local newspapers, career websites, industry sites and professional associations. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job and utilize your network of family members, friends and colleagues. Now is the time to network as much as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips on Preparing for Job Interviews

It is important to practice for job interviews before you go. Sometimes, when you are applying for jobs, you can get called into an interview, and be asked, “How soon can you be here?” You may only have minutes to prepare, so it’s important to be prepared in advance.

Gather around a few friends who can help you with your interviewing skills. Have a set of questions that are prepared for an interview, and get an ideal job position ready, perhaps one of the same jobs that you are applying for.The full explanation Read the rest of this entry »

Using the World Wide Web to Find Jobs

Knowledge of how to use the world wide web is essential for any job search. If you know how to use the web, you will be able to find many exciting places to advertise that you are searching for a job and to advertise that are advertised on the world wide web. There are some ways that you can find your job without getting online, but nowadays, many people who apply in person are asked to apply online. Keep this in mind when you go for your job search.

Things You Should Read the rest of this entry »

Dressing for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

Even when you are out of work or stuck in a job you are ready to leave, dressing for the job you want, not the job you have, is a strategic move. This doesn’t mean spending a huge amount of money. What i does mean is making some minor changes in day to day dress.

On the Job
If your dress code includes a polo and slacks, try wearing a shirt and tie instead. Be the best dressed employee. It will make you stand out and, believe it or not, even Read the rest of this entry »

Job-Hunting Tips in the Digital Age

Finding a job these days requires that you get a little creative. However, there are many easy ways in which you can get creative with your job search. Knowing how to use the latest technology will allow you to successfully hunt for a job in the digital age.

The first thing you need to do is learn about social media. Having a working knowledge of Twitter and Facebook is going to help you search for a job. There are many employers who are looking for the next great employee. Putting yourself Read the rest of this entry »